Financial Services

Asset Allocation/Management

  • Professional Asset Management
  • Diversification Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis
  • Major Purchase Planning Strategies

Estate Planning

  • Forecasting Current Estate Plan
  • Family Limited Partnerships/LLC
  • Trust/Gifting Strategies
  • Net Worth Calculation

Stock Option/Shares Planning

  • Tax Minimization
  • Diversification/Mitigation of Risk
  • Hedging Strategies

Education Savings Strategies

  • Needs Analysis
  • Recommendations and advice regarding 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Accounts, State Tuition Plans, UGMA, UTMA and Trusts

Retirement Planning

  • Forecasting Current plan and offering advice on possible improvements
  • Assistance understanding and working with your employer’s retirement plan
  • Retirement Planning Strategies

Insurance Planning/Risk Management

  • Needs Analysis (Life, Disability, Health, Long-term Care)
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance as an investment
  • Variable and Immediate Annuity Analysis

Tax Planning Strategies/Compliance
(service provided by Bancroft Buckley Johnston & Serres LLP)

  • How to use the most current tax law to your advantage
  • Foreign Tax Planning
  • Tax Compliance